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Alerts and Recommendations

       This area is to alert you to any important information on your Soilmoisture products or conditions that may affect the safety of use, or in assuring our ability to properly respond to your needs. If you have any questions regarding our products or conditions noted below, click on it to read.

                                                                                 OTHER ALERTS

COVID-19   Conditions related to the pandemic virus and Soilmoisture.

For information on COVID-19 please Click here. 


                                               PRODUCT ALERTS 

                                       Urgent and Very Important Upgrades Required

       The following listing involves very serious warnings and circumstances that require your immediate attention and actions to resolve this serious hazard.  If you have the product or condition described or know of someone or institution that has this condition it is paramount that they get a hold of Soilmoisture to resolve the hazard.  Click on your product below.


PRODUCT 3000 OR 3005 Plant Water Status Console  purchased prior to 1996.

For more information on older PWSC models please Click here.