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Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.'s articles contain editorials by professionals, scientists, and people from the agricultural, earth sciences and other industries. The articles include very important and timely information on these industries as well as updates on new products/developments by Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

Click on any of the links below to read our articles. Articles were written by our contributing editor, Robert Liston.


Collection #1

More Than a Tree

Percolation vs. Permeation
What! No Reflection?
Did You Know: Clean Up - Trivia


Collection #2

Searching for Roots
Let the Plant Tell You


Collection #3

The Greening of America
Why Should I Use a Lysimeter?
What is a Lysimeter Anyway?


Collection #4

Space Age Farming
Technical Tips on the 2900F Quick Draw Probe
The Serpent in Eden
Water, Water Everywhere
Did You Know: Avocados, How they got their name