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Trase TDR Soilmoisture Probes

Trase TDR soilmoisture measurements are easy with the right waveguide Probes for your application. We have many different lengths available in stock, and can custom make any length you might need. In all cases, if you have High EC soils, we have some specially coated Coated Waveguides if you need them.

  • Buriable Probes are mainly used for Profiling layers of soil, or used in higher probe counts for distribution in field or lab environments combined with our TDR Multiplexer. (Upto 256 can be linked & measured. Call for specifics)
  • Standard Connector Probes have quickly replaceable probe tips depending on your needs. Shorter probes for Strawberry beds, longer probes for developed root beds such as Raspberries or Grapes. This is what we usually recommend.
  • Field SLAMMER Probes: These 3/8 Stainless Steel rods are mounted to a Stainless Steel handle and are extremely rugged probes at any length you choose. We are the only company to offer such a fantastic & beefy design. Typically these are used for deeper roots & heavy clay soils where other probes might start to spread or wander while you insert them. This was originally developed for Banana crops in heavy clay soil but has quickly moved into many other production & research uses.

Please see the these products listed below for length & pricing. Do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions.