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Soil Sampling Augers

With the exception of our ONE PIECE AUGERS, all of our augers come as user selectable multi component assemblies.

A complete auger assembly will consist of: (1) driving bore Handle + (1) ~.5 meter length Auger sampling bore head + (1+) optional lengthening extension. Cost savings & sample type flexibility are actualized by having 1 bore handle and many different sizes of augers & extensions. 

There are 2 types of component connections for these configurable Augers: Bayonet & Conical threaded. These are not interchangeable with each other. Pick one style and stick with it as you grow your collection of Auger components.

Design terms:

SANDY SOILS AUGERS have a wider & more circular blade design when compared to a standard LOAM SOILS AUGERS. This design difference helps to retain the sample. Sandier soils can tend to fall apart on extraction from the surface.

DUTCH or Edelman style augers have a single pointed tip with a 2-blade design. A great feature to help break soil while Auguring.

RIVERSIDE STYLE is our most aggressive Auger. It features a 2-point, 2-blade boring & captive sampling tube design.

ONE PIECE AUGERS: These are built as single unit assemblies and include 2 of our very rugged Lord samplers and 3 Loam soils Dutch style samplers. These offer the best value for simple sampling.

SIZING AUGERS are used to “clean up” & square the bottom of your bore hole. Particularly useful when installing an Aardvark soil permeameter.