My main expertise is in water movement and wastewater treatment in the field; I especially love applied science that works for the professional in the field. I invented the Aardvark Borehole Permeameter and Soilmoisture heard about my invention and contacted me. I was truly impressed with their flexible technical staff who, after much work on their part, turned my design into the world's only automated Borehole Permeameter: tough, portable, reliable, highly accurate, and complete with software. Still known as the Aardvark, it is now sold worldwide through their extensive global network. I am proud to have my name and invention associated with Soilmoisture Equipment!

Thomas Macfie,
Inventor of the Aardvark Permeameter

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Pali Vinyard - Jeff Butler Manager

     As Autumn arrives and building sugars in the harvest grapes becomes very important and so does plant stress measurements.

         "Wine making is part science, part artestry, part nose and part palate getting the sugars right at harvest will characterize the wine...better get it right ! "

         On October 16th, 2016, Soilmoisture had the pleasure of visiting with Jeff Butler, Vineyard Manager for Pali wines. Pali Wine Company began in 2005 as a winery dedicated to producing small lot pinot noir, the owners’ favorite varietal. They chose Santa Barbara County, a region growing in popularity and well known for producing exceptional pinot noir and chardonnay wine grapes. Pali’s Estate Vineyard is located near Lompoc in the Santa Rita Hills American Viticultural Area (AVA). The influence of the Pacific Ocean creates the perfect environment for the vineyard’s 44 acres of pinot noir and 6 acres of chardonnay wine grapes.  Planted in 2013, the vineyard’s first pinot noir harvest was completed in the fall of 2016, with bottles expected to be available in 2018.  

        Jeff is shown using Soilmoisture's 3115 SAPS units to measure plant stress and the building of suger content within the vineyard to get it just right