My main expertise is in water movement and wastewater treatment in the field; I especially love applied science that works for the professional in the field. I invented the Aardvark Borehole Permeameter and Soilmoisture heard about my invention and contacted me. I was truly impressed with their flexible technical staff who, after much work on their part, turned my design into the world's only automated Borehole Permeameter: tough, portable, reliable, highly accurate, and complete with software. Still known as the Aardvark, it is now sold worldwide through their extensive global network. I am proud to have my name and invention associated with Soilmoisture Equipment!

Thomas Macfie,
Inventor of the Aardvark Permeameter

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Seasonal Special!

For Spring 2017, Soilmoisture Equipment Corp. is pleased to offer our model 3115 SAPS Units at a new low price! We are offering a 15% discount off the retail price for DOMESTIC customers only. Plant water status consoles, also known as “pressure bombs” or “leaf bombs,” allow irrigators, researchers, and other plant water specialists to determine the specific moisture state of their plants. For researchers, this information is vital in studies of drought tolerance and other scenarios of substantial moisture stress.

For irrigators, use of the SAPS unit can provide vital information for scheduling irrigations, which is why this method of moisture measurement is becoming the most popular for vineyards, nut orchards, citrus trees, and most any permanent crop and a number of different row crops. By obtaining a direct measurement of the plant moisture state, irrigators can determine precisely when their crops have reached the point of absolutely needing water, rather than based on assumptions which could lead to detriments to plant health and/or unnecessary water applications. This methodology for scheduling can be combined with Soilmoisture’s Tensiometers, Gypsum Blocks, or TDR Equipment for determining irrigation volume to make the most accurate decisions possible!