Our History

For over 6 decades Soilmoisture has provided superior equipment and outstanding service to 3 generations of valued customers like you.

Dedicated to Excellence

We make equipment to last. Built for the professional using the very best materials and technologies in assuring you quality product.

Worldwide Service

With dealers located worldwide, we can fill the tallest order. Our global preceptive and superior service are the keys that make us your vendor choice year after year.

Agronomy Facts

Soilmoisture pioneered pore water sampling techniques and continues to add new instrumentation for subsurface pollution monitoring.
Soilmoisture has develped or invented a number pieces of equipment fundiment to soil and plant sciences.
By monitoring subsurface pore water volumes and ionic content one can optimize plant growth. Our variety of porous ceramics allows us to create unique measuring and monitoring instruments.
We have experience in applying TDR in the following process industries; Talc, Steel, Clay Pipe Cement, Foods and others. Moisture, mixing ratios, physical states, lengths, and liquid levels are all possible + much more.
Soilmoisture has obtained patents, designed working models, developed software and electronic circuits in association with universities commercial entities, and individuals all in support of their custom needs.