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Full range Digital Tensiometers:

These Digital Tensiometers cover the complete range of pressure heads relevant for plants, and can reach up to 1500 kPa depending on the model.

Unlike other systems used for this measuring range, the Full Range Tensiometer doesn't determine the pressure head indirectly as a derived variable, but via a direct pressure measurement. It reacts quickly to changes in pressure head. A pressure range of 1000 kPa is achieved within a few minutes.

Even after drying out beyond the limits of the measurement range, accurate measurements resume when the moisture is in range. Refilling is not necessary.

Its low energy consumption (20 mA in operational mode) makes it suitable in remote measurement sites where regular maintenance and reliable power is not guaranteed.

RS485 data communication works in tough environments such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or longer distance cable runs.

High Saline sites are not a problem as a result of the direct pressure measurement. 

The soil temperature is also reported as an additional parameter.


  • Extended measurement range.
  • Fast response time.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Any soil type.